Run your business more efficiently and securely with Bonvenu’s suite of cash management solutions. Our dedicated Treasury support specialists provide local and personalized service to help you meet your unique business needs and goals.


Save time and money with ACH transactions. ACH Debit Origination is a faster, more reliable and cost-effective way of collecting payments. Pre-authorized payments allow you to electronically collect payments from your customers and quickly transfer funds to your accounts from other banks, minimizing idle balances. 


Avoid daily trips to the bank by depositing checks directly into your Bonvenu account using a certified scanner or your mobile device. We provide you with a digital scanner, and our support team will train you how to use it. You can submit multiple checks in one deposit, scanned electronically from your office via a secure Internet connection. Additional benefits of RDC include extended cutoff time for deposits, greater access to deposit information, streamlined operations, decreased fraud risk, and faster receipt of payments. 


Our lockbox services allow you to consolidate receivables and deposit information in one place while eliminating manual data entry. Benefits of Bonvenu Lockbox include improved cash flow, enhanced payment processing, better security and safety, and the ability to reallocate resources to improve productivity. Bonvenu offers Wholesale and Retail Lockbox services.


This service provides secure processing for deposits delivered by armored car services to our cash vault. It is ideal for businesses that deposit large amounts of currency and/or coin. Take advantage of our cash vault and reduce employee risk by using an armored car to transport funds to and from the bank. Streamline reconciliation and reporting with online access. You can easily place orders for coin and currency and have them delivered directly to your office.


Bonvenu Merchant Services offers the convenience of quick, efficient, and secure payment and point-of-sale solutions to help you run your business. Our solutions are flexible and designed to meet your needs. You can take debit and credit card payments at the point of sale, online, or on the go using a smartphone or tablet, and the funds are deposited directly into your Bonvenu checking account. We partner with Banc Card to offer this innovative service that will help you streamline operations, increase productivity, and make it easy for customers to buy from you.


Save time and money with ACH transactions. ACH provides for faster, more reliable payment delivery. Additional benefits of ACH payments include improved efficiency and security, mitigation of fraud risk, better prediction of cash flow, and reduction of paperwork. Take advantage of our Total Business solution to electronically manage payroll, and expense reimbursements, vendor payments, and any other recurring payment types.


Originate wire transfer payments through our Total Business solution or by visiting a convenient Bonvenu Bank branch. Wire transfers are a quick and safe way to send and receive large dollar payments at your convenience. With Total Business, you can designate key individuals to initiate, approve, or release wire transfers while requiring passwords and tokens for additional layers of security. 


Simplify and streamline purchasing and accounts payable processes with Bonvenu Bank’s Commercial Card. Commercial Cards provide your employees with a safe and convenient method to pay for business travel and company purchases while providing you with spending control, transaction detail, and expense visibility needed to help manage your business. Card transaction details can be integrated with existing financial systems to simplify reconciliation and settlement. 


Bonvenu Bank partners with Prepaid Technologies to offer a Payroll Card option in lieu of issuing paper checks. Payroll cards are easy to use and function like a checking account with access to ATM withdrawals and purchasing power at 20 million merchants. Cardholders have access to electronic or paper statements and card support for balance information online or over the phone. Payroll cards are easy to implement with no hardware or software requirements, and reduce the risk associated with cash safekeeping or lost/stolen checks.


If your business hasn’t been a victim of check fraud yet, it possibly could be; check fraud is on the rise throughout the country. Check fraud is a costly problem for businesses. Positive Pay saves you from the hassle that arises when forged or altered checks clear against your bank account. This service is accessed through BONVENU’s Total Business solution and allows your business to stay one step ahead of criminals, protecting your account against check fraud. Check Positive Pay provides your business with the enhanced ability to identify and return fraudulent items by comparing checks issued by your business to checks presented for payment against your BONVENU Checking account. We provide personal one-on-one service to verify if you issued the checks posted to your account.


Get all the benefits of Check Positive Pay plus added security with a tool that matches payee names, in addition to check number and amount fields. 


Step up your account security and fraud protection with ACH Positive Pay. You will receive notifications of incoming debits for unauthorized or potentially fraudulent transactions based on parameters you set. Detect unauthorized Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit transactions and return them electronically, through bONVENU’s Total Business Solution, without ever leaving your office.


Our Zero Balance Account (ZBA) allows you to manage separate accounts to support payroll, investments, petty cash, or other needs. You can maximize interest and minimize idle balances while preventing unnecessary overdraft fees. 


Our Investment Sweep product allows you to manage cash flow more efficiently and maximize your income by transferring idle collected balances into an investment account that earns a competitive interest rate.


Our loan sweep allows you to disburse funds without having to manually move money between your checking account and line of credit. You can minimize borrowing and interest expenses while efficiently managing your line of credit. Get unlimited transfers between your checking account and line of credit and borrow exactly what you need.

For more information, contact Kevin Becker at (504)324-2815.


Bonvenu’s Total Business Solution allows you to manage your company’s cash flow at your convenience. You will have 24/7 access and a secure way to manage your business using multifactor authentication plus tokens when moving money. You can also entitle users with administrative permissions for the activities you want them to perform. 

With Total Business, you will be able to:

View Real-Time Balances

View Account History

Transfer Funds

Pay Bills

Allow Optional Dual Authorization

Set Up Alerts

Originate ACH Payments

Originate Wire Transfers

Approve ACH and Wire Transfers

Manage Users

Place Stop Payments

Manage Fraud with Check and ACH Positive Pay

Make Deposits with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

View eStatements

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