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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the login experience for Single App?

When your FI moves to Single App, your retail and business users will be able to sign in from the same application. Should you have a user that has both retail AND business logins, they will be able to store one of each of those credentials and select which account they wish to login to from the Single App sign in screen.

Do end users have to update credentials?

No. The user’s existing credentials (retail and/or business) will work on Single App.

What do we need to communicate to retail and/or business customers?

Your retail-only customers will be unimpacted by the release of Single App. To these users it would be no different than any other app update they’d receive as part of the standard update process. Your Business users will need to be directed to download the application update to your retail application to begin using Single App.

What happens to the current Business Mobile Application?

Your existing Business Mobile application (BMA) will be removed from sale from both Google Play and the Apple App Store upon the roll live of Single App. This means your legacy application will no longer be available for download after you roll live on Single App.

What happens if business customers don’t upgrade immediately?

End users that have downloaded the legacy Business Mobile application (BMA) and have not downloaded the new Single App will be able to continue to use BMA. However, once Single App migrations are complete, legacy BMA will no longer be supported by NCR. Duplicate links may display in legacy BMA and the app will degrade over time. Should a user fall into issues within the legacy application, the first instruction will be for the user to download Single App.

For Single App, are there any changes to business mobile entitlements or user permissions?

No. All existing configurations and entitlements will remain in place.

With the move to Single App, are there any additional features or functionality available?

 No. All existing features and functions within the legacy Business Mobile app will be available, but no new features or functions will immediately be available in Single App.

Are there any changes to mobile logging/reporting?

No. All logging should remain the same through Single App. You will be able to continue viewing Retail vs. Business sign-ins.

Can you register both business and retail users from Single App?

No. At this time only retail registration will be supported via Single App. 

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